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Such a simple thing breathing – we do it automatically, every minute of the day, every day of the week – don’t even have to think about it most of the time. However, when we are distressed, anxious or frightened, it is actually the one thing that we forget to do. How often have you caught yourself holding your breathe – sometimes it can be a natural reaction to something amazing – like seeing your toddler taking their first steps. But often it is a reaction to something you don’t want to happen right now or just can’t cope with.

What happens when we hold that breathe in, is a physical chain reaction that makes us even more stressed and anxious as the oxygen is literally not getting to the parts it needs to get to. Just breathe! Take a moment right now, no matter how bad things feel, to sit quietly and concentrate on slowly and quietly breathing out and in. Imagine you are talking to me right now, and sharing your burdens. Just breathe……

I had a client who was very distressed because someone she thought was her best friend, snapped at her after her mother’s death, ‘congratulations, you’re still breathing – you have another chance’. Stunned at what she perceived as a lack of empathy after such a painful bereavement, and already tottering on a precipice of grief, it was naturally taken all the wrong way. She came to work with me as her mother’s death had thrown up so many deep seated fears and resentments – by the end of our sessions, she had come to a different perspective about the comment – actually it was inspirational – my client realised that she was carrying a lot of difficult feelings that were in the past and were holding her back – the breakthrough came when she said to me that every morning she now woke up, welcomed the day and said to herself ‘congratulations, you’re still breathing you have another chance.’ In other words, she saw every new day as a chance to let go of the day before, change her outlook and move on. When things get tough as they often do – just breathe……

Wishing you peace in a difficult world.


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